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Three Popular Ways to Get Out on the Water in the Florida Keys

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Just about everyone has dreamed of sailing the open seas from time to time, and there are few better places to turn such dreams into realities than the Florida Keys. Beautiful and appealing in their own right, the Keys are surrounded by waters that remain as pristine and welcoming as they were centuries ago.

There are quite a few ways to turn a vacation in the Florida Keys into a maritime experience to remember. The various options that are available combine to cover just about any conceivable situation and group of passengers.

Many Ways to Experience the Glory of the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico

Just like the long peninsula that makes up most of Florida, the Keys are surrounded by the open Atlantic Ocean to the east and the sheltered Gulf of Mexico to the west. The Straits of Florida that begin around Key West create a smooth transition between these two very distinctive bodies of water.

All of these impressive sights can be navigated and explored by boat in ways that will accommodate visitors of any backgrounds. Some of the most popular options among visitors to the Florida Keys include:

Tours. Whether for private parties or left open to the public, tours that cover particular sights and destinations are always accessible and enjoyable. Many tours focus either on specific features of interest in the area or else center on certain themes. Some of the most popular tours have passengers watching a sunset from out on the open ocean. Others will see captains looking to bring their craft within safe range of dolphins, whales, and other wild creatures.

Captained charters. tavernier boat rental is to reserve the services of a boat and its crew for the day or some other period. A crewed catamaran charter can make for an especially satisfying way to get up close and personal with the water. Most key west sailing charters can be customized to plot whatever types of courses those responsible would like.

florida keys sailing . A bareboat charter puts a watercraft at the sole service of the person who arranges it. Some who book charters of this kind see to the crewing themselves, while others have favored professionals take on the duties. With this type of sailboat charter florida visitors can count on having complete control.

Always an Experience to Remember

The Florida Keys are undoubtedly beautiful, and not least when seen and experienced from the water. There are many ways to turn a shorebound vacation in the Keys into something else entirely.